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New & Used Portable Buildings For Sale Nationwide

Need help finding a portable building for sale that won't break the bank? Or do you have an urgent need for more room for your workers but don't have time to wait for an expansion on your existing building? Let find the new or used portable building for sale that will get the job done at the minimal cost and time investment on your part. You have a few choices from pre-owned and new, age of the unit and more, and we help you sort out which units will make sense for you.

The Process of Buying a Portable Building For Sale

Whether you already have a few portable buildings or are looking to purchase your first one, let us help you along the way. Here are the top things to consider when shopping for a portable building for sale:

  1. Age of the portable building - Some people are more comfortable with a unit that has some wear and tear, and does not look that great. By sacrificing on looks of the used portable building you will be able to save significantly on the purchase price. As a baseline however, you need to make sure that there is no structural damage, leaks, exposure to the environment, and all equipment is in working condition.
  2. Selecting your size - If you have any chances of moving your portable building from time to time it is best not to use an extra wide unit that is more difficult to transport. We recommend looking for portable buildings for sale in the size ranges of 8' x 20' to 10' x 44'. For longer term applications such as for a supplement to an existing facility, it is often better to purchase are larger portable building than you initially need to allow for future growth and unforeseen storage requirements. A larger portable storage building may also afford your main facility a little more breathing room.
  3. Necessary amenities - Selecting which amenities are absolutely critical vs. those that are simply on your wish list is very important if you want to save money. For example AC for your portable building might be critical in extreme environments but not in more temperate locales. Functioning chassis with wheels may be necessary for a company with multiple job sites but only towing equipment (no flatbed for transport). Isolate the portable buildings for sale that meet your minimum requirements to get a baseline on price, then you can take a look at units that have more of the less necessary amenities.
  4. Haggling on price - Most people don't like the process of negotiation, but when you have access to pricing on multiple portable offices for sale you have empowered yourself to get a lower rate. Most companies will list their portable buildings at a negotiable rate, meaning most of the time they expect the unit to sell for slightly less. You also never know how long a portable building has been up for sale, if it has been 6 months with no offers then you may have more leverage than you would expect.

Finding the perfect portable building for sale is not easy, if it was wouldn't exist. So let us help you today, pick up the phone or enter your details into our form to start comparing units now.