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Welcome To Portable Building Pros

Portable Building Pros is your source for when you need to rent or buy portable offices anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. It doesn't matter if you have ten job sites across three states that all need temporary portable buildings or you need to add more work space on a more permanent basis without the hassle of construction, can help. For over twelve years we have helped companies find the perfect portable building for every use imaginable including emergency cleanups, special event booths, ticket offices at sporting events and concerts and more. Whatever type of portable building you need we can find you the best unit at the best price. There are not typically large inventories of portable buildings for sale in most areas, so will look up to 250 miles from your location to make sure the unit works for you. Comparing portable office prices has never been easier, and anytime you need help we are here for you 24/7.

Why You Should Consider a Portable Building

Portable buildings come with multiple advantages over other options which include expanding existing building, crowding more employees into existing space, or working outside where wind and weather can be a factor. Here are the top advantages of purchasing or renting portable buildings:

  • Cost Savings - If you have looked at the cost of expanding your existing facility or adding another traditional office then you will be pleasantly surprised at the cost advantages of mobile. Portable building rentals typically start at under $300 per month and you can find a used portable building for less than $15,000, a fraction of construction costs.
  • Double Duty Portable Storage Buildings - If you have sheds or containers for storage, or will need space to store supplies/files/etc., then a portable storage building can give you the best of both worlds and save you more money. Many portable buildings come with additional security features to help you rest easy when storing expensive equipment.
  • The Most Flexible Option - Even if you plan to keep your building in one place, plans often change. A portable building offers the ultimate in flexibility and convenience.

Portable Building Pros Frequently Asked Questions

From the experienced professionals to the one time buyer, we are here to help anyone considering a portable building, and below are common questions that we see that apply regardless of your level of experience:

Do I need insurance for my portable building?

If you are renting then there will likely be a mandatory coverage required for the duration of the rental. If you are buying a portable building then you will need to check with state laws to see if insurance is required. Whether or not it is mandatory for you, it is nearly always a good idea particularly if you operate in areas with severe weather or high crime rates.

How can I move my portable building?

Most portable buildings can be moved with relative ease with a standard flatbed. If you have an extra wide 10 or 12 foot portable building however you will need to arrange for special transport from a company that offers double wide hauling which is more expensive. If you plan to move often you may want to consider two smaller portable buildings rather than one large one to avoid this issue.

What additional options are available?

There are hundreds of variations and add-ons for portable buildings from AC units and furniture to advanced connections for internet while out in the field. If you are lucky you can find a unit that has exactly what you need, but the average purchase or rental will require some accessories.

Are there any options for rent to buy portable buildings?

Many people are unsure how long they will need the building or don't have the capital for the upfront expenditure. These people can find rent to buy options for portable buildings anywhere in the country as long as they have decent credit.

Where do I find information on local permitting?

Your local sales rep will be able to email you information on your particular state's zoning requirements for portable building but they change often so it is best to look for yourself as well. You can browse a few examples of portable building permitting resources at the TDLR and the Modular Building Institute.